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A short history

Rights of Mother Earth


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 chapter 1 introduction

 chapter 2 about the money system

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the objectives:

  chapter 3A worldwide social security

  chapter 3B renewable energy

  chapter 3C a green revolution

  chapter 3D world food supply

  chapter 3E  an ecoworld

  chapter 4 towards a world of peace, leisure & abundance

 chapter 5 conclusions

 extra page 1 complementary currencies

 extra page 2 prosumer rights and basic income

 extra page 2b basic income & human dignity

 extra page 3 education and school systems

 extra chapter (April 25, 09) about fractional banking and global monetary powers


In-depth background information:

Taditional heritage, Nature & Science

Unraveling the human puzzle: New building blocks for an alternative human history







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Welcome to the Ecovaproject!


What this project is about

The Ecovaproject proposes to monetize the Earth Community and Ecological Values

At the Ecovaproject we advocate for a shift in consciousness regarding our common future.

At the heart of our project we introduce a monetary alternative to establish the first true free-market economy while guaranteeing worldwide social, economic and ecological security. Therefore we propose to convert the value of both the basic economy and the ecosystem into legal, debt-free money.

The basic or prosumers economy consists of all the unpaid work that forms the continuous fundament of our global society and the formal economy.  It represents largely half of all economic activity.  The value of this ‘hidden half’ of the economy is estimated to be roughly equal to the world gross domestic product of the formal economy.

The ecological value will be calculated based on multiple studies and parameters such as the economic value of intact ecosystems, forests, oceans and climate stability, the surplus value of organic agriculture and ecologically vibrant residential environments, etc….

This will put the wheels in motion for transition to a high tech sustainable leisure society with well-balanced abundance for all.


How to create interest-free and debt-free EcovaMoney™

The Ecovaproject proposes the value conversion of the prosumers economy and the ecological capital into legal debt-free money by

1.   Creating a legal framework allowing the production of EcovaMoney.  

2.   Establishing an EcovaBank™, to create EcovaMoney.

3.   A team of specialists will determine the amount of money to create in order to accomplish the Ecovaproject objectives. This money will be placed in an EcovaFund™, mandated to finance the Ecovaproject program.

4.   Introduction of a direct EcovaMoney return for circulation system. As the input of EcovaMoney will allow to reduce taxes, the production costs for services and goods will equally decrease. This way an EcovaMoney Return Levy can be included in the selling prices without raising those prices or reducing profits. Starting from the second year of application, this will strongly reduce the amount of new EcovaMoney to create.


Apart from the large-scale global solutions we propose, the Ecovaproject team is researching small-scale applications as well. We are very interested and engaged in building an experimental ecovaproject village and in collaborating in other likewise or complementary projects and initiatives.

We definitely believe in the power of interconnecting locally and globally. That’s why we welcome all your valuable proposals, feedback and ideas in order to participate in a splendid future of peace, opportunities and abundance for all. This future will be a beautiful puzzle of diversity, embracing all people and many approaches.

You are invited to join us at ecovaproject@gmail.com



‘Hmm … Yes! But is it more than just another utopia?

To answer this question properly, we’ll have to examine a few more items first:

·     How transformable is the current monetary system?

·     Is it possible to solve poverty and finally guarantee worldwide social security while leaving the path of full employment?

·     Don’t we already have a true free market economy?

·     Can renewable energy meet all of our planetary energy needs?

·     Is it possible to create an ecologically well-balanced world, housing 7 billion humans and more?

·     Can organic agriculture feed the world?

·     A world of peace, leisure and abundance for all?


Objectives of the Ecovaproject

• the creation of worldwide social security including an unconditionally guaranteed basic income

 offer sustainable solutions to eliminate poverty and hunger in the world

• a full support for global organic agriculture and free access to green, renewable energy

• the support of the development of an ecoworld with ecohouses, ecoquarters, ecovillages, ecocities,…

• the support of the further development of a leisure society and its labor replacing technology

• an optimization of labor rights and a recognition of prosumer rights

• create a positive impact on wage development

• offer a new basis for government financing and to decrease taxes

• create a new framework for global cooperation and world peace

• offer a real occasion to create the first full-fledged debt-free community currency




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In April 2012, a European Citizen’s Initiative has been launched to promote an Unconditional Basic Income at European level. To follow up the evolution of this initiative and to discover more about the collection of statements of support, you’re invited to visit the new website of the Belgian Unconditional Basic Income Network: basicincome.be


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Eradicating Ecocide Doing good means not polluting, and undoing the pollution of the past couple of centuries. It means restoring harmony with nature and helping those less fortunate to build a way of earning a living and living with dignity. And it means reinventing how we live to create a far more balanced, healthy and peaceful world.”

Trees have Rights too - Ecological justice for all! website - Rights of Mother Earth

Life Rules: Why so much is going wrong everywhere & how Life teaches us to fix it. “The global economy operates as if it were larger than Life. It isn’t. As if it had multiple Earth’s to supply its appetites. It doesn’t. (…) Among the rules written into Life’s Economic Survival Protocol are local self-reliance, intercommunity and regional functional cooperation, non-carbon energy sourcing, resource conservation, sharing and recycling, and organically democratic methods of self-organization and governance. These rules have worked for Life for two billion years. We can make them work for us, too. Book (pdf) by Ellen La Conte - website

Ellen La Conte blogs about the Ecovaproject in Starting Point

Vancouver Peak Oil is a group of citizens concerned with creating awareness and action plans to prepare for the coming of oil depletion.

Strategic Sustainable Planning, a Civil Defense Manual for Cultural Sustainability. A book by Balfour and Associates about Post Oil Settlement, re-ruralization and the end of so-called Alpha Cities (Global Cities) which cannot be sustained.

Gaia Psychology is a global benefit organization dedicated to creating an organic emotional healthcare system that mirrors a respect for humanity and guardianship of planet Earth by providing online education and onsite workshops in Eco-emotional Intelligence.

The Earth Project promotes and supports initiatives that focus on healing and growth for all life on Earth.

.Now on our newspage.

Welcome to our new cooperator Aad Breed. Aad is a Dutch architect who considers the post-war urban planning and its separation of the residential, shopping and working zones as the main causes of energy spill and growing indifference. Aad advocates to reorientate our spatial planning towards the creation of car-free, selfsustainable, small-scale cities that don’t depend on the use of fossil fuels and farmland. At present, Aad is involved in the development of a pyramid city in China. Aad also graduated in Analytic Western Philosophy. As such he considers violence and predatory exploitation of nature as a consequence of the deceptive effects of language.


The Finance Lab – What does a financial system that serves people and planet look like? video

PositiveMoney a simple solution to the debt crisis

G20 RobinHoodTax petition to implement a Financial Transaction Tax that will help regulate Financial markets and raise revenu for global and domestic public goods such as health, education and water, and to tackle the challenge of climate change.

BIEN and USBIG launch a new website entirely devoted to basic income news: binews.org


The Green-Aid Foundation supports international humanitarian objectives, Intentional Communities, artistic events and edutainment that promote sustainable and healthy living by procuring, developing and providing integrated systems for clean air, water, energy, permaculture, ecotecture, waste utilization, human and cargo transportation.

New Earth Pioneers is a focal point for those interested in sustainability, eco villages, environmentally friendly issues, green companies, permaculture, eco products and green homes.





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